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Charlie Fink is Back Home

Charlie and Edith Fink owned a home in Dallas County, a ranch in Paris, and 4 cars including a new Jaguar XJS. They had no children. Edith was kidnapped by APS in a lightening raid on their home in January. Charlie was kidnapped 2 weeks later following a hernia operation. He was committed to a psych ward by a doctor he never saw. He and Edith were incarcerated in an aylum an hour drive from their home and were heavily medicated with psychoactive drugs. APS petitioned the probate judge to appoint a Guardian and confiscate his property and accounts.

Before the looting could begin a neighbor of Charlie contacted Fox News, which began a series of stories. Almost immediately the probate judge reversed himself and freed Charlie. Edith is still being held and as a result Charlies assets are subject to being stripped by the probate court and the State.

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