Pedo Party Pooped Again

Despite a massive coverup, yet another Highland Park kiddie porn producer has been identified with help from Open Records Project volunteers. The paid professional child protectors not only stood down but hid her and left the Special Ed children defenseless.

Special Ed paraprofessional Melinda Joyce Steward appears to be our latest perp, following in the footsteps of kindergarten kiddie porn producer Sarah Reeves.

Parents can feel safe that she is "Under review by the TEA Educator Investigations Division", except that doesn't mean what they think it means.

The Alleged Criminal Offense
The felony criminal offense noted in the now "CONFIDENTIAL" draft for Case 24-00247 is Penal Code 21.15(c).

The twelve paragraphs paraphrase to, "Recording, broadcasting, or transmitting naked or clothed genitals, public area, anus, buttocks, or female breasts."

The Superintendent's Response
Superintendent Rockwood attempted to cool out the parents of potential victims with the following letter.

Troubling Items
1. Rockwood failed to provide the single most critical item for parents,

the identity of the alleged perp so they could protect their kids.

Furthermore as an excuse he claimed public schools are legally bound by privacy laws."

Imagine the happiness of sex offenders if they could offend in secret. In fact law enforcement protocol for investigating sex crimes is the exact opposite. Investigators seek as many victim witnesses as possible to aid prosecution. That is why they often seek the public's help for evidence and witnesses. Hiding the offender's identity from parents of potential victims obstructs prosecution.

2. In addition he states, "At no time were pornographic or inappropriate images of any kind shared amongst or available to students."

However Mike might know,
* Pedos don't provide PRODUCT TO KIDS.
* Pedos provide KIDS AS THE PRODUCT.

The Criminal Division of the U.S. Departmenf of Justice clearly explains, "The production of child pornogrpahy creates a permanent record of a child's sexual abuse. When these images are placed on the Internet and disseminated online, the victimization of the children continues in perpetuity."

City of University Park's Response
The City of University Park Records Management Coordinator, Sharon Jones, helpfully explained the scandal with an abbreviated public release. (The typo and small font are hers.)

What Happens Next?
Nothing...absolutely nothing.
Absolutely all the "professional care givers" and trusted adults in this case have immunity. For an immunity example see the legal documents enabling absolutely everybody in McKinney ISD to escape consequences for a school bus hijacking of 30 kids by an apparent serial criminal.

What About TEA and "Pass the Trash"?
Sarah Reeves was the sexually confused Highland Park kindergarten teacher fascinated with naked children and dangerously suicidal. She was HP's own version of Audrey Hale. Parents and volunteers broke the story about a week before she was planning to "Depart from this earth".

TEA was "investigating" her just like they are investigating Melinda Steward as shown at the top of this story.

HP tipped her off, and she split town followed immediately by Jon Dahlander Superintendent's Chief of Staff, and then Board President Tom Sharpe, and Superintendent Tom Trigg.

A whistleblower found her with a new TEA issued teaching certificate, far, far, away where parents were none the wiser. It's called "Pass the Trash".

With a little luck, Melinda Steward will be "Passed" and back with a new crew of potential victims in a far-away classroom by Christmas.

Legislators, this is not fixable. This happens over and over again across the State. Give public school parents their money back so they can find safe education.


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