Pedo Discovered at HP Middle School.

I Have Immunity.

We were recently able to obtain an "Unapproved Draft" of criminal Case 24-00247 seen below. Allegedly a Special Ed paraprofessional resigned after being discovered violating the kiddie pornography statute.

Within a day of the discovery Human Resources Director Brenda West resigned. The two events may or may not be related. However Chief of Staff Jon Dahlander resigned within several days of The Open Records Project discovering the identity of kindergarten kiddie porn producer Sarah Reeves.

Paraprofessionals (Instructional Assistants):

According to Superintendent Rockwood, the predator is one of the following.

Martha Carter - MIS
Katherine McCaslin - MIS
Allen Phillips - PBS
Daniel Layton - PBS
David Turner - PBS
Faith Allen - PBS
Kendra Davis - Structure
Romel Davis - Structure
Danietra "Dani" Loveless - Structure
Desaray Huerta - Structure
Melinda Steward - Fundamentals
Krystal Collins - Fundamentals
Shannon Howerton - Fundamentals
Nikki Bryant - Fundamentals
Tammy Miller - Fundamentals
Dionna Chambers - Fundamentals

It is exceedingly cruel for Rockwood to cast doubt on 15 innocent individuals in order to hide the one alleged perp.

If your name is on the list and you are not the perp, contact The Open Records Project at WHISTLEBLOWER@openrecords.org and we will remove it.

The statute cited in the draft is PC 21.15(c).

Both Superintendent Mike Rockwood and UP PD are refusing to identify the alleged perpetrator obstructing attempts to find additional victims. PD has declared additional information on the case "CONFIDENTIAL".

Rockwood like all public school employees has near absolute immunity from any liability. See the legal filings that got the parent's bus hijacking case dismissed in McKinney ISD by pleading immunity. https://openrecords.org/stories/beat_a_hijack.html

We recently identified the kiddie porn producing Sarah Reeves at HP's Hyer Elementary and the school bus hijacker in McKinney ISD. We intend to identify the alleged perp at HP MIS.

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